Health Sector Reforms

The Department of Health & Family Welfare (DHFW) has been taken an initiative to make positive change in health sectors in West Bengal. The Department has launched the Health Systems Development Initiative (HSDI), a five year reform and investment programme. A Technical Assistance Support Team (TAST) has been engaged by UK Department for International Development (DFID) to support DHFW in achieving HSDI Milestones. This page contains documents and information related to sectoral reform being undertaken by the department.

Health Sector Strategy:
In order to improve health systems, service delivery and converge efforts of various agencies, the department of Health & Family Welfare developed a Health Sector Strategy 2003-2013.
5a Annexes 1-4
5b Annexes 5
5c Annexes 6-8
Integrated Financial and Economic Plan
Overview of DHFW activities
Background and Rationale of the Priorities
Published: 2004

Decentralising for better healthcare:
One on the priority agenda of NRHM is decentralisation which begins with district health planning. This activity was initiated in West Bengal in 2006. This document covers the planning framework, launching the process, planning process implementing and monitoring of district health plans.
Published: 2006

Health Sector Reforms:
The Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal has introduced several reforms in its systems. This document is a compilation of reform activities over the period 2003 – 2007. It covers success stories of convergence, decentralisation, service provision, financial management, organization development and human resource management.
Published: 2008

Health Talk:
Health Talk is the bilingual newsletter publication of the Department of Health & Family Welfare to provide a communication forum to its 100000 field workers in the department particularly on policy, reform, decentralisation, best practices sharing and scheme information. It is disseminated to the sub centre level in the state. It covers the recent initiatives and development in the department.
Published: 2008 (second issue)

Nutrition Strategy:
The Department of Health & Family Welfare is working closely with the Women & Child Development and Social Welfare in improving the nutrition status of children and women in West Bengal. Accordingly a Nutrition Strategy for the various action proposed in the strategy are highlighted in this document.
Published: 2008

Urban Health Strategy:
The Department of Health & Family Welfare is working with the Urban Development and Municipal Affairs departments to provide health services to the urban areas, especially to the poor. This document is a documentation of the joint working approach and roles of various agencies including the State Urban Development Agency (SUDA).
Published: 2008

Health Sector Reforms (New):
Health Systems Development Initiative (HSDI) is a programme to catalyse and implement the State’s Health Sector Strategy (HSS). HSDI has initiated several important reforms and strengthened health systems to allow the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and other programmes to perform better.