Corona Guideline


Title Date
Advisory on case management of COVID 19 patients 12/07/2020
Advisory on management of COVID 19 patients 11/07/2020
Advisory of management of COVID 19 patients 10/07/2020
Increase of number of Beds 09/07/2020
Advisory on Covid19 case mangement. 09/07/2020
Consolidated Advisory on case management of COVID-19 patients 08/07/2020
Advisory on Covid19 case mangement. 08/07/2020
Advisory on Covid19 case mangement. 07/07/2020
Advisory on case management of COVID 19 patients 06/07/2020
Advisory on protocol management of COVID 19 patients 05/07/2020
Advisory on management of COVID 19 patients 04/07/2020
Advisory of management of COVID 19 patients 03/07/2020
Functioning of Islampur Urdu academy as dedicated Covid Hospital 02/07/2020
Advisory on COVID 19 case management. 02/07/2020
Advisory on Covid 19 case management 29/06/2020
User Manual for COVID-19 Biomedical Waste Tracking App 26/06/2020
Formation of Protocol Monitoring Team (PMT) 25/06/2020
75 Bedded COVID Hospital at Jhargram Health District 24/06/2020
Initiation of penal action for denial of admission /service by Government hospitals 23/06/2020
Initiation of penal action for denial of admission /service by private hospitals 23/06/2020
Mandatory upload of SRF ID in ICMR portal 23/06/2020
Setup of Quick response team at Covid hospital 23/06/2020
Utilization of service of interns towards management of COVID 21/06/2020
Utilization of the service of final year PGTs for management of COVID 19 21/06/2020
Utilization of the expertise of faculties and PGTs for better management of COVID 19 cases. 20/06/2020
KMCH designated as dialysis unit for COVID Positive patient 19/06/2020
Safe homes for covid 19 asymptomatic patient 19/06/2020
Sale of mask and PPE for doctors from Fair price medicine shop 19/06/2020
Updated list of hotels for self quarantin centres 18/06/2020
Satellite health facilities for asymptomatic/ mild COVID cases 18/06/2020
Advisory for Medical Colleges 17/06/2020
Guidelines for handling, treatment and disposal of waste generated during treatment/ diagnosis/ quarantine of COVID-19 patients 15/06/2020
Notice regarding COVID dialysis facility in COM Sagore Dutta Hospital 15/06/2020
Guidelines for safe ENT Practice in COVID 19 12/06/2020
Order regarding Sample testing cell 10/06/2020
Extension of Insurance Scheme 03/06/2020
Revised SoP for medical screening of migrant labors, standard tourists and students arrived in groups. 27/05/2020
Guidelines for international arrivals 26/05/2020
Revised detection strategy and testing criteria 26/05/2020
Guideline for domestic travel by air. 25/05/2020
Guidelines for smooth running of Dialysis Services in the State 23/05/2020
Revised Discharge Policy for COVID-19 patients -22.05.2020 22/05/2020
Team for support, surveillance and monitoring of COVID-19 cases 17/05/2020
Immunization services during and post COVID 19 outbreak -2 14/05/2020
Sentinel surveillance for COVID 19 14/05/2020
Engagement of Molecular Biologist and Lab Technician for RT PCR labs, on contract basis 13/05/2020
Revised Management Protocol for COVID 19 in West Bengal. 11/05/2020
Relaxation in Tea Garden operations 11/05/2020
Medical College Kolkata is designated as tertiary level COVID Hospital 11/05/2020
Advisory for redistribution of patient load of Medical College, Kolkata to National Medical College and R. G. Kar Medical College 09/05/2020
Revised discharge policy for Covid-19 09/05/2020
Visiting teams for COVID hospitals in Kolkata to monitor clinical management of COVID patients. 09/05/2020
Toll free number for registering grievance/suggestion regarding availability of PPE to health care providers 09/05/2020
Team of Experts for Guidance of Containment activities in West Bengal 09/05/2020
Cumulative Unit wise Daily Logistics Supply in West Bengal for COVID-19 as on 08.05.2020 08/05/2020
Immunization services during and post COVID 19 outbreak 08/05/2020
Cumulative Unit wise Daily Logistics Supply in West Bengal for COVID-19 as on 07.05.2020 07/05/2020
Committee for Procurement & Payments 07/05/2020
Drawing attention of public regarding authorized laboratories for collection of swabs and testing for COVID-19 05/05/2020
Tele counseling for the persons under psychological stress 05/05/2020
Regarding dialysis of COVID Positive Patient at M.R.Bangur SSH 05/05/2020
Revised daily Reporting Format COVID Positive Patients 05/05/2020
ICMR-approved Testing Laboratories in West Bengal (as on 05-05-2020) 05/05/2020
Tagging of Districts with Laboratories for Testing SARS-CoV-2 05/05/2020
Activities allowed outside containment zone 04/05/2020
Normalisation of Privately-run Health Services 01/05/2020
Good/ Innovative Practices followed in your Medical College and Hospital on the recent outbreak of COVID Epidemic 30/04/2020
Good/Innovative Practices followed in the Facilities and the Hospitals of your Districts on the recent outbreak of COVID Epidemic 30/04/2020
COVID19 tests not to be considered as mandatory before surgery 30/04/2020
Normalization of service in Health Sector 30/04/2020
Earmarked designated hospitals for treatment of COVID 19 related cases 30/04/2020
Goverment Medical Institutions of West Bengal to perform TrueNat beta CoV Test 28/04/2020
Guideline for home quarantine-Bengali 28/04/2020
DESUN is notified as COVIDV19 Hospital 28/04/2020
Guideline for home quarantine of very mild/ pre symptometivc COVID19 cases. 28/04/2020
Home quarantine for primary/secondary contacts of COVID 19 positive patients 27/04/2020
Planning for gradual resumption of Hospital services 27/04/2020
Extra shift for RT-PCR testing in Government laboratories. 25/04/2020
Principals authorized to engage DEO for report generation of COVID-19 24/04/2020
Reuse of PPE and mask for Health care providers 24/04/2020
Notification regarding free treatment in Private hospitals requisitioned by Govt for treatment of COVID-19 22/04/2020
Addendum for Inclusion of accredited journalists under the Insurance Scheme of COVID-19 21/04/2020
Notification regarding extension of Insurance Scheme for COVID-19 upto 31.5.2020 21/04/2020
Relaxation on e auction of tea 21/04/2020
Modification of closing time of sweetmeat shop and flower shops 20/04/2020
Advisory on Rapid Antibody Tests 19/04/2020
Frontline Medical Personnel to Stay in their Work Headquarters 19/04/2020
Relaxation on jute industry to restore operation with staggered shifts 18/04/2020
Relaxation on companies offering IT & ITES services 18/04/2020
Advisory feasibility for pooled samples molecular testing of Covid 19 18/04/2020
State protocol for management of COVID19 cases 17/04/2020
State Protocol for Clinical Management of COVID-19 Cases, West Bengal 17/04/2020
Dialysis of cases with COVID like symptoms 17/04/2020
Shift system for frontline medical personnel in Govt hospitals treating COVID9/ SARI 16/04/2020
Opening of sweetmeat shop (misti shop) 16/04/2020
Addendum: Containment and Treatment Strategies in COVID 19 Hi-Risk Spots 16/04/2020
Containment and Treatment Strategies in COVID 19 Hi-Risk Spots 13/04/2020
Pay and use Quarantine facilities at private hotels 13/04/2020
Mandatory use of Mask in public places. 12/04/2020
Clarification regarding operations of tea gardens. 11/04/2020
Revised Guidelines for Dialysis of COVID – 19 patients 11/04/2020
Use of Hydroxy-Chloroquine for prophylaxis of COVID-19 10/04/2020
COVID-19 data analysis cell 09/04/2020
Order regarding Floriculture and Betelvine and operation of Kishan Mandies 08/04/2020
Guideline regarding claim settlement for the Insurance scheme for Persons Deployed For COVID-19 Related Duties 07/04/2020
Need for centralized Administrative Command 07/04/2020
Advisory for Health Care provider while treating the patients not tested for COVID-19 07/04/2020
Protocol for Fever Clinic 06/04/2020
Information to be submitted to Expert Committee to ascertain cause of death 05/04/2020
Designated COVID19 hospitals 04/04/2020
Advisory for setting up isolation facility 04/04/2020
Utilization of services of doctors of Indian Medical Association for combating COVID-19 03/04/2020
Expert Committee for ascertaining cause of death. 03/04/2020
Control Order for Mask and Sanitizers 03/04/2020
Redressal of grievances of migrant workers- guidelines thereof. 03/04/2020
Psychological Counselling for persons kept under institutional Quarantine 03/04/2020
Equitable Distribution of Testing Load among Government and Private Laboratories 03/04/2020
Staffing norm for acquired private hospitals and identified Government hospitals 03/04/2020
Constitution of medical board for advisory to Districts 03/04/2020
Isolation beds available in private hospitals in Kolkata. 02/04/2020
Protocol for clinical management of Covid19 cases 02/04/2020
Advisory of COVID 19 infectivity during cremation 02/04/2020
Insurance policy for the persons engaged in COVID 19 related duties 01/04/2020
Relaxation to MV act in view of Complete safety restriction 31/03/2020
Standard operating protocol to transfer a suspect Covi29 patient 30/03/2020
Additional direction to complete safety restriction 29/03/2020
Not to record COVID 19 diagnosis unless confirmed by recommended testing procedure 29/03/2020
Moving of empty vehicle allowed for loading unloading goods 28/03/2020
Exceptions/ exemptions in respect of measures for implementation of lock down to combat and contain spread of COVID-19 27/03/2020
Interim Guidelines for community based Tracing and Management of Contacts for 2019- nCoV Case 26/03/2020
Combined order regarding exceptions/exemptions provided in complete safety restrictions regarding movement of persons as well as supply of essential goods and services 26/03/2020
Task force for addressing different issues related to COVID 19 26/03/2020
Formation of expert committee to combat endemic spread of Covid-19 26/03/2020
Movements of goods vehicle 26/03/2020
State Government's emergency control room at Nabanna 25/03/2020
Exemptions/exceptions granted to Lock Down measures 25/03/2020
COVID-19:Guideline on dead body Management 25/03/2020
Directions regarding Home quarantine 25/03/2020
Guideline on use of masks 25/03/2020
Guideline regarding rational use of PPE 25/03/2020
Addendum dated 24.03.2020 to Complete Safety Restriction 24/03/2020
Amendment for export policy of Hydroxycloroquine 24/03/2020
Guideline for disposal of bio waste generated during treatment of COVID 19 24/03/2020
Special bus services 24/03/2020
State emergency relief fund 24/03/2020
COVID-19 private hospital isolation in kolkata 23/03/2020
COVID-19 Addendum- Daskhin Dinajpur Whole District 23/03/2020
COVID-19 Addendum to Complete Safety Restriction 23/03/2020
Advisory for home quarantine 23/03/2020
Addendum to order regarding Complete safety restriction -Dakshin Dinajpur 23/03/2020
Closing of immigration points 23/03/2020
Functioning of Government Offices and attendance of Officers and Staff during enforcement of Complete Safety Restrictions 23/03/2020
Addendum to order on complete safety restrictions 23/03/2020
Addendum to Complete safety restriction -Hooghly 22/03/2020
Addendum to Complete safety restriction 22/03/2020
Communication from Chief Secretary, WB, regarding stoppage of trains 22/03/2020
District Magistrates are authorized to issue instruction regarding complete safety restrictionsriction 22/03/2020
Instruction for WB Govt employees in non essential services 22/03/2020
Complete safety restriction Wef 23.03.2020 22/03/2020
Revised testing strategy for COVID 19 22/03/2020
Closer of non essential social gatherimgs 21/03/2020
Advisory for social distancing in Hospitals 21/03/2020
Appeal of Honourable CM on COVID 19 21/03/2020
Regulation regarding Covid-19 16/03/2020
Travel advisory in view of CoVID 19 16/03/2020
Advisory on Social Distancing Measure in view of spread of COVID-19 disease 16/03/2020
SOP for Inter State Check Points Surveillance 14/03/2020
SoP for quarantine 13/03/2020
Guideline for home quarantine 11/03/2020
Use of mask by public 11/03/2020
CoVID 19 dos and donts (Hindi) 09/03/2020
CoVID 19 dos and donts (Urdu) 08/03/2020
CoVID 19 dos and donts (Eng) 08/03/2020
CoVID 19 dos and donts (Oll Chiki) 08/03/2020
CoVID 19 dos and donts (Beng) 08/03/2020
COVID-19 situation report WHO 08/03/2020
Advisory for Private Medical Colleges and Hospitals on COVID-19 08/03/2020
Guideline 20 (regarding mask) 08/03/2020
CoVID 19 To do (Beng) 07/03/2020
CoVID 19 To do (eng) 07/03/2020
Guideline for schools 06/03/2020
School advisory 05/03/2020
Airport preventing spread of corona virus disease 05/03/2020
Ambulance transfer 05/03/2020
In flight announcements to be made by all the airlines 05/03/2020
Poster for Corona Virus 05/03/2020
Containment Plan 03/03/2020
Hospital preparedness 02/03/2020
Guideline of Novel Corona Virus 18 28/02/2020
Guideline of Novel Corona Virus 17 28/02/2020
Guideline of Novel Corona Virus 16 28/02/2020
Guideline 15 05/02/2020
Guideline 14 29/01/2020
Guideline 13 29/01/2020
Guideline 12 29/01/2020
Guideline 11 29/01/2020
Guideline 10 28/01/2020
Guideline 9 28/01/2020
Guideline 8 28/01/2020
Guideline 6 27/01/2020
Guideline 5 27/01/2020
Guideline 4 27/01/2020
Guideline 3 27/01/2020
Guideline 2 27/01/2020
Guideline 1 27/01/2020