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1 Order from MD, NRHM

2 Guidelines for placement of ASHA facilitators at District, Block and GP

3 Meeting on Health Sub-centers at 3rd Saturday every month

4 Recruitment to the post of contractual Medical officer (Specialist) under NRHM

5 Repairing & renovation of different staff quarters in different upgraded BPHC

6 Engagement of Medical officers (Specialist) Under NRHM

7 Upgradation of Khanduri Block PHC

8 NRHM: Compendium of Instructions. (Bengali Version) Vol-I

9 Civil Works for Upgradation of BPHCs

10 Constitution of Functional Commitee on Health & Sanitation of the GUS

11 Upgradation of different BPHCs

12 Allotment of fund for MO remueration

13 District Health Mission

14 The National Rural Health Mission formation and mission

15 Job Description of staffs of Block Programme Management Unit

16 Allotment of fund for the Rogi Kalyan Samitis under NRHM for the year 2006-2007

17 Ayushmati Scheme

18 Payment to mothers under JSY scheme for institutional delivery

19 Hiring of specialists specially anesthetist for Emergency complications under JSY scheme

20 Internal audit committee

21 Referral transport scheme under RCH II programme

22 Full exemption of user charges of Mother and Children below one year of age

23 Retention of user charges

24 District health planning

25 PHC Rogi Kalyan Samiti

26 Guidelines for implementation of janani suraksha yojana in Kolkata municipal corporation areas

27 Guidelines for implementation of janani suraksha yojana in Municipalities and corporations other than KMC

28 Guidelines for Implementing GP Based Mobile Health Camps

29 The allotment of Flexi fund

30 User charges - Diet charges

31 Job Description of staffs of Programme Management Unit

32 Retention of user charge - Decentralized Hospitals and Institutions and Medical Teaching Institutions

33 Retention of user charges-other than Kolkata district

34 Formation of Rogi Kalyan Samitis in State Medical College and Hospitals

35 Rog Kayan Samiti functionalities at Medical Colleges

36 The retention of user charges at the health facility to provide better health care services to the people

37 PHC and Sub-centre committee

38 Partial modification of the Department’s Memorandum No. HSL(Misc.)-307/05 dated 7.11.2005

39 Partial modification of the Notification No. HF/NRHM/101/06/2005 dated 14th November, 2000

40 Untied fund for each Sub-Centre

41 Rogi Kalyan Samiti

42 Rog Kayan Samiti functionalities at District Health Units

43 Referral transport scheme

44 National Rural Health Mission (2005-2012) Mission Document