Ayush in West Bengal

West Bengal has a pluralistic healthcare delivery system where the Government provides opportunity to every recognized medical system to develop and practice with a view to provide integrated and holistic healthcare services. It is open to patronizing best practices and proven standards for the benefit of the people. There is a process to run a peaceful co-existence of Allopath with Ayurveda, Sowa-Rigpa, Unani and Homoeopathy in the State. All these medical systems are being utilized in the national healthcare delivery system, each to its potential and availability in different parts of the state.

The system of practising Homoeopathy medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga and Unani are very old in the state of West Bengal. Dr. Henning Berger of Germany, a disciple of Hahnemann who was called to treat Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab in 1839, later started practising in the state of West Bengal. Involvement of Govt. of West Bengal in development of Homoeopathy began as early as 1937 when the Homoeopathy Faculty Bill was accepted by Bengal Legislative Assembly. Later on Government of West Bengal passed an order in 1941 towards formation of General Council of State Faculty of Homoeopathy Medicine, Bengal. The West Bengal Homeopathic System of Medicine Act came into force in 1964 a Council of Homeopathic Medicine was formed. Paschim Banga Ayurveda System of Medicine Act was passed in 1968 and brought Ayurveda under the State Government umbrella. First, Ayurvedic Institution, J.B. Roy State Ayurveda College was taken over in 1964. Academic affiliation of BHMS and MD, Ayurveda, came under the Calcutta University in the year 1976. Yoga as a form of treatment has been in practice in the state of W.B. for many years. Formal recognition came in the year 2010 with the passing of West Bengal Yoga and Naturopathy system of medicine Act, 2010. West Bengal Council of Yoga and Naturopathy was formed shortly thereafter. The State Unani system of medical act was passed in the year 1979. The State Council of Unani Medicine was set up in the same year.

The Directorate of Homoeopathy under the Government of W.B. was established in 1978 with the aim of development of Homoeopathy Medicine. The Directorate of Ayurveda was also created in 1978.