Health Statistics

  (Demographic & Socio economic statistics, Health infrastructure, Performance of various health programmes)
Source : HEALTH ON THE MARCH 2006-07
  Activities on National Anti Malaria Programme, (NAMP) West Bengal, 1985-2006 Epidemiological Situation
  Programme Slide Positivity Rate, West Bengal, 1985-2006 (Chart)
  Percentage of Blood Smears Positive for P.falciparum (Pf%), West Bengal, 1985-2006 (Chart)
  Annual Epidemiological Report of Malaria, West Bengal 2006
  Annual Districtwise Epidemiological Report of Malaria, West Bengal 2006
  Progress & assessment of spraying with DDT 50% under Malaria programme ( NVBDCP) West Bengal - 2006
  Parasitological (microfilaria) Assessment from Human Host by the National Filaria Control Programme (NFCP), 2006
  Reported Cases and Deaths due to Japanese Encephalitis, West Bengal, 2006
  Reported Cases and Deaths due to Kala-azar in West Bengal 2001 - 2006.
  Reported cases and deaths due to Dangue for the Period from 1.1.06 to 31.12.06, West Bengal.
  Name of the T.B. Hospitals and Sanatoria with Bed strength, June' 07
  Selection of Pulmonary TB Patients for admission in TB Hospitals / Sanatoria by the Central Selection Committee, West Bengal during the period 2000-2006
  Profile of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) in West Bengal
  Trends in case detection under RNTCP in WEST BENGAL (2001-2006)
  RNTCP performance in West Bengal
  Annual RNTCP Performance, West Bengal Case Finding (2006), Sputum Conversion (3rd Qtr 2005 to 3rd Qtr 2006), Results of Treatment (2005)
  Annual Report on New and Retreatment Cases Tuberculosis, 2006
  RNTCP Training status at State TB Demonstration cum Training Centre for the year 2002 – June 2007
  District wise distribution of Leprosy cases in percent
  Bodies formed for effective promotion of Mental Health Care
  Infrastructure of NPCB
  Cataract Operation Performance 1985-86 to 2006-07
  District-wise cataract operation by sector, 2006-07
  Performance of School Eye Screening Programme 2006-07
  Performance of Regional Institute of Ophthalmology.
  School Eye Screening performance
  Report of Blind School Screening
  Blood Banks in West Bengal, 2006
  Yearwise Annual Blood Collection Report from Govt. and Non-Govt. Blood Bank, West Bengal.
  Yearwise Blood Collection Report from Govt. Blood Bank, West Bengal
  STD Clinics Status in West Bengal WBSAP & CS, 2007
  Yearwise STD cases in West Bengal, 1994 - 2007
  Percentage Prevalence of HIV Infection - ANC: West Bengal (1998-2006)
  Percentage Prevalence of HIV Infection - STD: West Bengal (1998-2006)
  Percentage Prevalence of HIV Infection - FSW, IDU, MSM: West Bengal (1998-2006)
  Epidemiological situation (HIV seropositive status) in West Bengal
  Districtwise Break up of HIV seropositive Cases found in VCTC & PPTCT Clinics upto March 2007
  Age distribution of HIV positive cases in West Bengal upto March 2007
  Annual Performance of VCCTC in West Bengal (April, 2006 to March, 2007)
  Annual Performance of PPTCT in West Bengal (April, 2006 to March, 2007)
  Break up of AIDS cases
  Preventive Intervention through IEC
  Annual Report of the Working of the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954: West Bengal, for the Calendar
  West Bengal Public Health Laboratory : (Food & Water) Annual Report for the total food samples
  Arsenic Affected Areas & water testing Labs in West Bengal 2006
  Treatment Centres of Arsenicosis in West Bengal
  Arsenic Case report - from 1990 to 2006
  Activities of the Directorate of Drug Control, West Bengal (2006 - 07)