To be effective the Mission needs a strong component of Technical Support.

This would include reorientation into public health management.

Reposition existing health resource institutions, like Population Research Centre (PRC), Regional Resource Centre (RRC), State Institute of Health & Family Welfare (SIHFW).

Involve NGOs as resource organizations.

Improved Health Information System.

Support required at all levels: National, State, District and sub-district.

Mission would require two distinct support mechanisms - Programme Management Support Centre and Health Trust of India.


For Strengthening Management Systems-basic programme management, financial systems, infrastructure maintenance, procurement & logistics systems, Monitoring & Information System (MIS), non-lapsable health pool, etc.

For Developing Manpower Systems - recruitment (induction of MBAs/CAs/ MCAs), training & curriculum development (revitalisation of existing institution & partnerships with NGO & private sector), motivation & performance appraisal, etc.

For Improved Governance - decentralisation & empowerment of communities, induction of IT based systems like e-banking, social audit and right to information.



Proposed as a knowledge institution, to be the repository of innovation research & documentation, health information system, planning, monitoring & evaluation, etc.

For establishing Public Accountability Systems - external evaluations, community based feedback mechanisms, participation of PRIs/NGOs, etc.

For developing a framework for pro-poor innovations.

For reviewing Health Legislations.

A base for encouraging experimentation and action research.

For inter & intra Sector Networking with National and International  Organisations.

Think Tank for developing a long-term vision of the Sector & for building planning capacities of PRIs, Districts, etc.