Train and enhance capacity of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) to own, control and manage public health services

Promote access to improved healthcare at household level through the female health activist (ASHA)

Health Plan for each village through Village Health Committee of the Panchayat

Strengthening sub-centre through an untied fund to enable local planning and action and more Multi Purpose Workers (MPWs).

Strengthening existing PHCs and CHCs, and provision of 30-50 bedded CHC per lakh population for improved curative care to a normative standard (Indian Public Health Standards defining personnel, equipment and management standards)

Preparation and Implementation of an inter-sectoral District Health Plan prepared by the District Health Mission, including drinking water, sanitation & hygiene and nutrition

Integrating vertical Health and Family Welfare programmes at National, State, Block, and District levels

Technical Support to National, State and District Health Missions, for Public Health Management

Strengthening capacities for data collection, assessment and review for evidence based planning, monitoring, and supervision

Formulation of transparent policies for deployment and career development of Human Resources for health

Developing capacities for preventive health care at all levels for promoting healthy life styles, reduction in consumption of tobacco and alcohol, etc.

Promoting non-profit sector particularly in underserved areas


Regulation of Private Sector including the informal rural practitioners to ensure availability of quality service to citizens at reasonable cost

Promotion of Public Private Partnerships for achieving public health goals

Mainstreaming AYUSH - revitalising local health traditions

Reorienting medical education to support rural health issues including regulation of Medical Care and Medical Ethics

Effective and viable risk pooling and social health insurance to provide health security to the poor by ensuring accessible, affordable, accountable and good quality hospital care