Strengthening primary health centres (PHC)

Mission aims at strengthening PHCs for quality preventive, promotive, curative, supervisory and outreach services, through

  • Adequate and regular supply of essential quality drugs and equipment (including Supply of Auto Disabled Syringes for immunisation) to PHCs.
  • Provision of 24 hour service in at least 50% PHCs by addressing shortage of doctors, especially in high focus States, through mainstreaming AYUSH manpower.
  • Observance of Standard treatment guidelines & protocols.
  • In case of additional Outlays, intensification of ongoing communicable disease control programmes, new programmes for control of non-communicable diseases, up-gradation of 100% PHCs for 24 hours referral service, and provision of and doctor at PHC level (1 male, 1 female) would be undertaken on the basis of felt need.