• Infant Mortality Rate reduced to 30/1000 live births.
  • Maternal Mortality Ratio reduced to 100/100,000.
  • Total Fertility Rate reduced to 2.1.
  • Malaria Mortality Reduction Rate –50% upto 2010, additional 10% by 2012.
  • Kala Azar Mortality Reduction Rate: 100% by 2010 and sustaining elimiration until 2012.
  • Filaria/Microfilaria Reduction Rate: 70% by 2010, 80% by 2012 and elimination by 2015.
  • Dengue Mortality Reduction Rate: 50% by 2010 and sustaining at that level until 2012.
  • Japanese Encephalitis Mortality Reduction Rate: 50% by 2010 and sustaining at that level until 2012.
  • Cataract Operation: increasing to 46 lakhs per year until 2012.
  • Leprosy Prevalence Rate: reduce from 1.8/10,000 in 2005 to less than 1/10,000 thereafter.
  • Tuberculosis DOTS Services: Maintain 85% cure rate through entire Mission period.
  • Upgrading community Health Centres to Indian Public Health Standards.
  • Increase utilisation of First Referral Units from less than 20% to 75%.
  • Engaging 250,000 female Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) in 10 States.


  • Availability of trained community level worker at village level, with a drug kit for generic ailments.
  • Health Day at Anganwadi level on a fixed day/month for provision of immunisation, ante/post natal checkups and services related to mother & child healthcare, including nutrition.
  • Availability of generic drugs for common ailments at Sub-centre and hospital level.
  • Good hospital care through assured availability of doctors, drugs and quality services at PHC/CHC level.
  • Improved access to Universal Immunisation through induction of Auto Disable Syringes, alternate vaccine delivery and improved mobilization services under the programme.
  • Improved facilities for institutional delivery through provision of referral, transport, escort and improved hospital care subsidised under the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) for the Below Poverty Line families.
  • Availability of assured healthcare at reduced financial risk through pilots of Community Health Insurance under the Mission.
  • Provision of household toilets.
  • Improved outreach services through mobile medical unit at district-level.