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The role of the Directorate of Drugs Control in the medical arena is pioneering. Being the vanguard of public health it plays a key role in ensuring manufacture of proven quality medicines & its proper distribution through various agents spread out all over the state.

To keep an egalitarian vigil the personnel of this Directorate conducts, sampling, raids, search & seizures & then forwards the samples to the State Drugs Control & Research Laboratory to judge the nature & properties of the drugs in question.

It authorizes the manufacturing firms of both allopathic & homeopathic medicines about their competency after compliance of statutory norms & unless & until the Licensing Authority gives a green signal no manufacture of drugs, cosmetics or blood components within the state is legally valid.

It also holds the reins of control of the Blood Banks operating within West Bengal. Safe, proper & rational use of blood is ensured to the public by this Directorate as the blood banks receive license from this office. They need to report their monthly performance, collection & describe the nature of collection of bloods through organization of blood donation camps. Thus proper distribution of safe blood is a responsibility of this office.  

Cosmetics manufacture also comes within the jurisdiction of this office. Firms willing to manufacture cosmetics will have to comply with the set standards & after due verification & compliance of statutory norms license to manufacture cosmetics is granted to the applying firms.

The retail & wholesale trade of medicine is licensed, controlled & monitored by the State Director of Drugs Control & Licensing Authority. The personnel of this department conducts inspection of the premises of the firm applying for license & if found suitable & after due compliance of statutory norms & submission of fees wholesale or retails license to sale homeopathic & allopathic medicines are granted.

This also entails the monitoring of the same through the personnel of this department. Almost every day 104 personnel are out on the streets, be it in the rain or in the scorching sun they keep strict control over the trade of wholesale & retail drugs all over West Bengal.

Further, this office also keeps an eye on the pharmacists & competent persons. Some of these professionals unethically attach themselves to more than one licenses & thereby violate The Drugs and Cosmetics Acts & Rules framed thereunder. This act disrupts the ethical trade of drugs & after recent computerization & digitization of the entire selling license premises this practice has been curbed & this office is successfully tracking down pharmacists or competent persons who are attaching themselves to more than one licenses.

As an end note we intend to assure the public at large that:

Famous Men have a day dedicated to them,
We at Drugs Control Directorate dedicate the whole year to public safety